[AW7] Prosze o SAVE 100%

Dużo dostępnych modów do P2, dużo więc problemów i błędów. Tu znajdziesz pomoc i pomożesz innym.

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18 mar 2007, 12:57

Stanąłem w AW7 na misji w więzieniu i nie moge ejje przejsc cholernie trudna (w zwyklym AW m isie duzo razy udalo) bo chodzi o to ze po przejsciu hyba sa kody w menu bo normalnie to nie widziałem kodow do AW7. Prosze o pomoc.
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18 mar 2007, 13:04

CHEAT ENABLERS -- these codes enable the use of cheat codes in AW7.
ImACheatingCheaterWhoCheats -- Allows the use of cheat codes.
GottaBeFuckingKidding -- Super-Deluxe cheat unlocks all cheat codes. I recommend you unlock the advanced cheats on your own, but this code is here if you don't feel like it.

BASIC CHEATS -- these codes can be used after playing through AW7 once.
Sup -- Displays current game statistics (number of kills, etc.)
MeowMix -- Gives you lots of dervish cats
Armory -- Gives you most of the weapons in the game.
BaleSomeHay -- Gives you a pitchfork.
RapeStick -- Gives you a Spiked Baton
AmmoWhore -- Maxes out ammo on all weapons
CrackAddict -- Gives you lots of "health" pipes
PutYourWeedInHere -- Gives you lots of [email protected] Weed
Kamek0wnzj00 -- Grants all weapons, max ammo, and full health
Curaga -- Restores health to full
IWant -- Gives you a specific item (e.g., "IWant Inventory.CrackInv")
PlayaHata -- Bystanders hate you (persists between levels)
Anarchist -- Removes all police officers and military from the current level
GonrrheaChaChaCha -- Gives you Gonorrhea. If you already have Gonorrhea, you're cured of it.
SuperMario -- Lets you jump as high as Super Mario (current level only)
Domino -- Gives you lots of pizza
JerkInYourBox -- Gives you lots of fast food bags
MoonMan -- Toggles Low Gravity (current level only)

UNLOCKED CHEATS -- Cheat codes that have to be unlocked by performing certain feats in the game. Can also be unlocked with the "GottaBeFuckingKidding" code. These cheats CAN be unlocked even if you are cheating to do so -- if you're having trouble beating the game in under two hours for example, you can give yourself all the weapons and crack you need to do it and the game won't care.
DogLover -- Spawns a dog helper at your current location. Beat game with no dogs killed to unlock.
CopKilla -- Makes bystanders randomly attack the police. Persists between levels. Beat game with no cops killed to unlock.
Charismatic -- Bystanders love you. Persists between levels. Beat game with no innocents killed to unlock.
SonicBoom -- Lets you run as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog. Current level only. Beat game under 2 hours to unlock.
TheQuick -- Makes all your weapons fire ten times as fast as normal. Persists between levels, but only works on the weapons you have when the cheat is entered. Beat game under 2 hours to unlock.
UnQuick -- Turns off the effects of TheQuick. Beat game under 2 hours to unlock.

FINAL CHEATS -- These are the "ultimate" cheats and can be accessed only after all of the Unlocked Cheats have been unlocked. Can also be unlocked with the "GottaBeFuckingKidding" code.
IFeelFree -- Toggles noclipping/ghost mode
LikeABirdy -- Toggles free flight mode
AllahMode -- Toggles god mode
GhostTown -- Removes all pawns from the current level
Bullet -- Toggles bullet time! Best used when bound to a key. Edit your user.ini file to bind Bullet to a key. The patch will allow you to bind Bullet to a key when bullet time is unlocked.

How to unlock the AW cheats (a bug prevents this from being done normally):
set AWGameSP MultCast 6 -- activates LimbSnapper and HulkSmash
set AWGameSP FinStop 24 -- activates ReaperOfLove
set AWGameSP Tunneling 24 -- activates Bladey