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Max King
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Stuprocentowy psychol
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02 lut 2011, 14:28

Robsessed pisze:Pull yourself together, Max, we must work together and if we listened to everyone, there wouldn't be any PostalSite but just a big Random Forum, where Postal would be forgotten.

What's more, the things you posted in another thread don't have much in common with the things Top wrote.

And sorry to write it here, but you're not an Admin and don't forget about that, please.
Sure. But from that Random Forum, which would be a chaos, we can evolve into a proper forum, as only by evolution you can achieve perfection.

But okay, I will keep shut now.

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici
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03 lut 2011, 01:24

Hey guys, been away on holiday in Spain, sorry for the slow response. I think the main page is very good, and you guys have worked to accommodate other people well, but it could be done better given time and work (but trust me, I know how much time this takes, the RS site is only really just getting sorted out after 4 years of trying ;) )

I stand by my main point though, this is the best dedicated Postal fan site on the internet, and it's a shame that English, Russian, German and even Spanish fans have northing to compare. Good work guys!

[ Added: 2011-02-03, 01:26 ]
PS the only thing wrong with this site is the size of Robbies signature... when you grew up with take that in the 90's like I did and was made to listen to them every time you were with a girl... you started to really not appreciate him, lol.

'Could it be magic now???' NO!


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03 lut 2011, 02:02

Toploader, I'll change it for you soon. :D I was in 90's so Take That and Robbie Williams are not my childhood - I didn't know them, was too young. I became a Robbie's fan in 2004, in the age of 12. ;) That's where my nick comes from obviously.