Postal 3 - shit or hit?

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18 sty 2011, 11:34

It's pretty shit, to be honest, you might as well start preparing yourselves to be disappointed.

Being in TP does kinda ruin the game to a degree, kicking in third person is slower and not as fun (has to be, to look right). The cover mechanic is okay but has already been done so much better in games like Uncharted (not so say it's bad in Postal 3, just that game makes by far the best use of it).

I'm tied to an NDA so I can't go into much details on it, but after it's released I'll tell some of the back story as to why it's ended up a rather odd mix of a game, as I've been able to follow the group e-mails the last 4 years.

It's not all negatives and the game does have some charms for those that are already fans of the game. There is defo some mod potential, and porting P3 assets back to Postal 2 and the other way around should give some interesting results. Having Rick hunter replaced ruins the feel of the game alittle. At first I thought I was getting used to it... but honestly I never really did. (of course, this will not affect you Polish fans that are used to your own guy anyway).

And before any of you ask, I dunno when it's going to be released, it should have already been out in Russia by now, but the last update I saw when I was told that (about 2 months ago) it was pretty far off being a releasable product, so I doubt it will be 1st quarter 2011.

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18 sty 2011, 17:36

We'll see, but you ruined my optimism. :--P