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25 lut 2008, 21:36

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Chirurg pisze:Music: The Lost Pages by Neurological
OK ? :P
Yeah lol, thats the name of the song :P

And if you dont know where to find it go to your Postal2STP/eternal damnation/music folder and lock up the "TheLostPagesTheme" file (its in ogg. so you have to conver it to mp3 or wmv). Or download the official ED Soundtrack from the homepage....but i think that the links are currently down now :/

Anywho, visit Neurologicals cool site for more awesome music -

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25 lut 2008, 21:52

Yeh, lol :P thank you very much

I was trying to find it on, but not in ED files :diabel:

One more time Thanks