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Rules v1.0
Autor Wiadomo艣膰
Mr Minio 

Pom贸g艂: 12 razy
Wiek: 23
Do艂膮czy艂: 16 Wrz 2007
Posty: 4645
Sk膮d: Zielona G贸ra
Wys艂any: 2012-10-14, 10:07   Rules v1.0

搂 1. General Rules and Forum Issues:

1. Rules apply to all users of English section. If you're writing in English section you must obey these rules, not polish regulations.
2. Rules may change at any time. Make sure you know its newest version.
3. The present rules' version is 1.4, written on 19.11.07, translated to english on 29.01.08.
4. In affairs the critical voice belongs to admins, next to mods.
5. Intellectual property matters (quotations, graphic works, game modifications etc.) are defined by their authors and/or proper law.

搂 2. Posts:

1. Write politely, try to help others if you can. If you don't have anything to say in relevant topic, don't post.
2. Use your knowledge and vocabulary when writing a post. It is known that everyone has the law to make a mistake, but not to make 10 mistakes in every single sentence. Please, have mercy for other users. Before you tap "Send (or "Wy艣lij"), check your post in Word and correct it. Some web browsers have built-in dictionary.
3. Make topics in suitable sections. If you have a question write in "Help" section. If you don't know where to write your topic, ask mod.
4. Before you make a new topic use the "Search ("Szukaj") option. It's possible, that the topic you'd like to create has been already made.
5. FAQ is the first place to look for solution of your problem. You will find the answers to the basic questions on the game and Rules of the Forum not included in here.
6. Topics' names are supposed to be clear and readable. Topic names like "HELP!!!" are forbidden.
7. Write always in line with the topic. Scattershots will be deleted.
8. Please, reason your opinions, to carry something new to the topic.
9. Use emoticons with sense, they are just an addition to your post, not the main matter.
10. If you'd like to say something to a specific user, write him a "PM" ("PW"), don't write in the topic.
11. This forum is distinguished from others for refreshing old topics is not forbidden but welcome, unless it doesn't duplicate existing content.

搂 3. Prohibitions:

1. You must not have 2 accounts on the forums. If we spot this, both will be banned.
2. We don't favour pirates! And so is that, you can't ask for, give and talk about illegal software.
3. You must not syndicate materials not right with Polish law.
4. Color font is reserved to admins and mods. However, users are allowed to use the colors in their signatures.
5. You must not write all sentences neither with CAPITAL LETTERS or in PoKeMoN sTyLe.
6. It is absolutely forbidden to deliberately offend other users and their approaches on forums, shoutbox or through PMs.
7. You must not overuse swearwords. However, their use is allowed in situations, when the user has no other way to express his feelings.
8. It is forbidden to public any personal data of other users. You cannot expose their surnames, adresses of residence, e-mails etc.
9. You must not spam in your posts nor in your PMs.
10. You must not pass over reference or money-collect links.
11. Making posts by writing few words is forbidden.
12. You must not edit your posts which have been edited by mods/admins and delete their words.
13. Every single user can protest about admins' and/or mods' work, if he thinks he have appropriate basics. However, it is forbidden to make a pressure on mods' and/or admins' work, mostly multiple pressure on them. This people will be warned in short time.

搂 4. Avatars and Signatures

1. Maximum size of avatar is: 150x200 pixels.
2. Signature can't have materials forbidden in 搂3.
3. Signature must not have more than 3 lines of length and 500 signs. When it comes to pictures - together they cannot be bigger than 700 x 140 pixels.

搂 5. Warns and Bans

1. For not upholding a.m. rules user can be punished by warn or even ban.
2. User who receives 3 warns is not able to write posts on forums.
3. User who receives 4 warns is not able to enter the forums.
4. Moderator can give a maximum warn value of 4.
5. Exceptionally bad behavior will be punished by ban.

搂 6. Ranks

1. Personal ranks.

*Admin (Absolute power)
*Junior Admin (Almost absolute power)
*Moderators (They're supervising the forums)
*Redaction (Postal Site redactors)
*V.I.P. (Meritorious people for site and forums)
*Modder (People who know how to edit Postal)
*Server Administrator (Server Administrators. Moderators in Postal Multiplayer subforum)

2. Impersonal ranks.

*Kole艣 [Dude] (min. 2000 posts)
*Pracownik RWS [RWS employee] (min. 1000 posts)
*Wytrenowany morderca [Trained killer] (min. 500 posts)
*Stuprocentowy psychol [100% psycho] (min. 250 posts)
*Seryjny zab贸jca [Serial killer] (min. 100 posts)
*Mi艂o艣nik broni [Weapon lover] (min. 50 posts)
*Pocz膮tkuj膮cy morderca [Rookie killer] (min. 25 posts)
*Niedorobiony bandzior [Underachieving Thug] (min. 10 posts)
*Wstydliwy morderca [Gun-shy Murderer] (min. 0 posts)
*Ciota [Sissy] (personal - for stupidity)

*Faggot (personal - for stupidity)

3. How to get V.I.P. rank?
V.I.P. rank can be given by admin or mod to people who took a part in development of the site of forums. Administration.
"Are the hills going to march off?
Will heaven fall upon us?
Will the Earth open under us?
We don't know. We don't know, for a total eclipse has come upon us..."
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