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[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions!
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Wysłany: 2012-10-12, 15:31   [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions!


Postal 2 and Postal 2: STP
1. What is the difference between Postal 2 and Postal 2: STP?
Postal 2 was the first widely available version. Its number is 1337. STP (shortened form of Postal 2: Share The Pain) was the second version of the game. Its code number is 1407.
It is the same game. Keep in mind that STP is not an addon to P2, but its continuation with an expanded title. The basic difference is that STP has a multiplayer mode. It also fixes some errors and bugs. There's no patch, which turns P2 to STP.

2. What is P2: MP, "darmowe Postal 2 Multiplayer" or Free STP MP?
It is a freeware version of the second part of game. However, neither is it P2 nor P2: STP. It is just a multiplayer version of the game. STP with only these files, which are necessary to play MP. It has been released for free by the authors. It is available only in English language version. May be downloaded from our download or from here. This version hasn't got one name, so stick to P2: MP on this forums, so everybody can understand you.

3. Does my P2 or P2: STP need a patch?
If you've got:
Postal 2 - from Play magazine (that is, in Polish) - it doesn't, because there's no higher version for P2
Postal 2: STP - from Play magazine (also in Polish) - it doesn't as it is already patched 1409 version. If you'd patch this version, you'd lost a major part of polonization, which is unprofitable.
Free version of Postal 2 Multiplayer - this version is new. It's in English and there's no patch to it.
In other cases patch will probably improve your game.
4. Why can't I play multiplayer mode on my STP?
If your STP is in Polish version and you're trying to join English server, file mismatches may occur. Files in polonization may have another size and/or time they were changed, which is the main problem. Moreover, some modifications may modify the files the way, it is impossible to join the server. More here.
5. While I am playing, suddenly a critical error occurs and the game crashes.
For the most of the time such an error occurs when your PC cannot handle the massacre in Paradise. It is normal and you cannot do anything to prevent it.
6. Missing game file!?
If you're missing a game file, don't ask for them on forums. The reason may be an illegal version of the game. Otherwise, you should be able to reinstall the game. Every request for any game file will be punished by warn. There are the exceptions, though. spew.utx and splash files (the images you see when the game is loading).
7. Is there any patch for Polish language?
No. You have to get a proper version of the game.

Postal 2: AW, Postal 2: AWP (and AW7)
1. Is Apocalypse Weekend free? Will it work without Postal 2: STP?
Apocalypse Weekend is not free. It is an addon to Postal 2: Share The Pain and it will work only if installed in this game's directory as it needs P2: STP's files to work.
2. Does my version of Postal 2: AW or Postal 2: AWP need any patch?
If you've got:
Postal 2: AW - from Play magazine (that is, in Polish) - it doesn't, because it already is a patched 1411 version.
Postal 2: AW7 - there's no patch for this mod version. However, there's a continuation of this mod called AWP, which has a patch.
Postal 2: AWP - yes, there is a patch. Go to our download. You do not have to install it if you'd like to use AWPMod (see below).
3. What is the difference between AW7 and AWP?
AW7 (Apocalypse Weekend 7 days) is the first version of mod made by Kamek. He combined his previous modifications (weapons, mods and maps) and weapon from MaDMods mod. AWP (A Week in Paradise) is the new version of this mod, extended by new weapons, characters and effects from Eternal Damnation.
4. Where can I download AWP?
From here or here.
5. Where can I download AW7?
From here.
6. What is AWPMod? Is it AWP?
AWPMod is a mod made for AWP, but it is not the same thing. It adds a lot of new weapons and cheats, fixes the game and it has AWP Patch included, so you do not have to install it.
7. Where can I download AWPMod?
From (here), or always the newest version from here. Follow the latest posts in this thread, if you'd like to be up-to-date.

Eternal Damnation
1. What is ED (Eternal Damnation)?
Eternal Damnation is a mod for Postala 2, which adds new characters and its own story.
More info here.
2. Where can I download ED?
From here.
3. Which version of Postal 2 is needed for ED?
ED needs Postal 2 STP.
4. Error in subway
To fix the error download this patch and install it. It is good to have a save from previous map.

All parts!

1. Where can I find new cheats?
All cheats can be found here and here.
2. While I am playing General Protection Fault occurs!
If this happens see this thread.
3. Postal is too fast!
If your Postal works too fast check this thread to find a solution.
4. Files and folders of new mods I installed are not visible!
If you've got Windows Vista or Windows 7, they are in C:\Users\>>USER NAME<<\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Postal 2 STP\System. To change this directory you have to install the game in another catalog. More here.
5. I'd like to start the game, but I all see is redness. I am falling! What is that?
You are falling, your Health Points are decreasing, you haven't got any weapon nor item. It happens when you load an old save. The game needs something you haven't got in your Postal directory. You have installed a mod, which you've been using - let's say it was a weapon. You saved the game and then you deleted the modificatoin. You'd like to load the savegame, but all you see is red. There are two solutions. 1. Start the new game, but then you'll lose your statistics and game progress. 2. Install the missing mod again. Load save, throw out the weapon, go to other map and save. Quit the game. Uninstall the troublesome mod. You got your save back.



1. People seem to don't like me. They behave oddly when something concerns me.
Read the Regulations. It will help you. Eventually, grow up as you are probably too young for this forums.
2. Why is it forbidden to post links to pirate versions here?
Read the Regulations? So, you know. You do not know? So, you'll be banned.
"Are the hills going to march off?
Will heaven fall upon us?
Will the Earth open under us?
We don't know. We don't know, for a total eclipse has come upon us..."
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